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Helping End Users Achieve Their Goals.

HP Solutions, Inc., offers a full range of software training and support services to  corporations, institutions and software providers seeking effective, user-friendly and reliable solutions to their software training and instructional design needs.  Our trainers and consultants are expert in a wide range of standard and customized business and industry-specific applications.  No matter what the function or task — sales, sales support, marketing, call center, and more — we can help your end users master the tools, techniques and processes you’ve invested in to ensure maximum productivity.

We also offer leadership development programs to enhance management skills, customer service and professional growth.

Your Training Company of Choice.

Our goal is to be the training company of choice for success-oriented companies who wish to connect their employees to the technologies and processes that will ensure “best in class” competitive performance.

We also aim to continue attracting high caliber trainers and consultants with the skills and knowledge required to meet the training demands created by new technologies and applications.

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